Small Azorean companies also deserve a professional website


Open for Business

You have worked hard to create your own company and you are ready for business. But how are you going to attract customers? How to keep people updated? How to introduce new products or services? How to make customers come back for more?

Doing business in the Azores

As an autonomous region of Portugal, in many aspects doing business on the Azores is harder than on the continent. Although the direct market area is small, it is much more difficult to reach due to the geographical spread of the 9 islands. And if you are doing business on national or even international level it is clear that brick and mortar alone is not sufficient.

I'm already on Facebook

That is fantastic! Facebook is an excellent tool to use in your online brand strategy.

It is not enough though. For a small business to succeed in today's world, a dedicated website is an absolute must.

Likes don't pay the bills!

On Facebook you are competing for eyeballs and once you have a friend looking at your page, you can ask him or her to like it. And then what?

People spend time on Facebook to be entertained, to read the news, to stay in touch with friends from all over the world.

Facebook is (only) a marketing tool! Every company should make use of social media. Depending on your industry, you can make a selection out of or combination with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram or WeChat. Which one(s) you choose is up to you, just keep in mind: all will have to lead back to your own website.

There are more tools for successful online promotion.

We already mentioned Facebook and other social media, but there is more. Being successful with online promotion means that you need to have an active approach and be able to check what works better and what needs adjusting.

Make use of email newsletters to send your customers special offers.

Use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to become number 1 in Google and Bing.

Analytics help you to track your marketing efforts and adjust where necessary.

Is there a better solution?

Of course there is a better way to accomplish full promotional efforts whilst having full control.

Your own website will solve this!

And that is the reason we are presenting you with:

the Azores Websites Initiative

We aim to give each company a standard, bi-lingual "brochure" or "marketing" website which includes:

  • home page
  • about page
  • products or services page
  • contact page with map

In addition to this, the AWI brochure website also contains a News section. Although optional, we highly recommend to use this section to write about updates, introduce new products or services, tell about a successful project or anything else to keep the content of the website "fresh".
The reason is that for search engines, this "fresh content" is a ranking factor, which means that by including news in your website, it will sooner rank higher.

The Azores Websites Initiative's main goal is to give small local businesses the chance to have a professional website, enabling competition
on a national and even international level, for an extremely affordable price.

Responsive websites only

Nowadays websites need to be responsive in order to work across all devices that people use to browse. From the small screen of a mobile phone to the big monitor of a desktop computer and everything in between, your website needs to look good and your content needs to be readable. Also buttons need to be accessible on all those devices and the site should load fast on a highspeed fiber or DSL connection as well as on a relative slow mobile connection.

With the Azores Websites Initiative you can rest assured that your website is 100% responsive and prepared to look good on every device that exists or is to be invented in the near future.

Please have a look at at the following screenshots to better see the difference.

There is more!

There is indeed much, much more. The standard package includes the following:

  • brochure website development
  • bi-lingual Portuguese and English
  • mobile friendly
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • social media integration
  • real-time website analytics
  • website hosting
  • speed enhancements
  • caching
  • SSL certificate
  • daily backups
  • software updates
  • in-site help documentation
  • live training

Every website built in the Azores Websites Initiative will also receive a free listing on the main AWI website, a directory site listing all Azorean businesses by industry and by island.

Explore the potential for your business

Do you want to find out more on how to expand your business using online tools?

Who Are We?

The team of Azores Websites Initiative has a combined experience of well over 30 years working in international markets. We have worked in many different industries like advertising, education, tourism & hospitality and IT to name a few.


Mia is our sales & marketing director. She brings her 12 years+ sales and marketing experience working for multinational companies to the table.


Piet is the geek of the team and he is responsible for the technical aspects of your new website. He has more than 20 years hands-on experience working with clients from all over the world.