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Under the Azores Websites Initiative the standard website we offer, is what in the industry we call a brochure or marketing website.

sample site

Such a website consists of a home page, a page where the service(s) or product(s) is/are listed, an about page and a contact page with a map if applicable.

Furthermore the site can be extended with an optional news section.

The site is also bilingual, English/Portuguese by default, but we can adjust that to any other combination that has your preference.

To make things as easy as possible, we also include setting up the hosting of the website and we even include a half year worth of website hosting!

What else is included?

People interested in the technical side will appreciate knowing that we have included everything a modern and professional website needs! Websites built by Azores Websites Initiative therefore are mobile friendly. They come with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media integration, website analytics, SSL certificate, daily backups, speed enhancements, caching, software updates, site tutorial and live training (face to face or via conference call).
And on top of all this, we also add your new website to the Azores Website Initiative Online Directory.

Our special rate for this modern and professional website is € 998,00* only and the delivery is within one month. The only thing we need from you is the domain name (we can help you with acquiring that) and of course the bilingual content.

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Additional services

For an additional fee, the standard site can be expanded with additional languages, ecommerce, customer testimonials, team/staff profiles, events, job board, etc.

If writing content is not your forte, we can also assist you with that. Our rate is € 100,00* per page or € 75,00* per page with a minimum of 4 pages.

We also offer other additional services such as photography or logo design, pricing depending on the project.

Lastly, if your company already has a modern website and you would like to add it to our Online Directory, then that is possible. For € 50* per year only we will include it with a maximum of 3 industry categories for the Azorean island of your choice.

* All rates quoted on this page are excluding 18% IVA.